Camo t Shirts – Not in Barbados

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It’s been law for many years, and if you’re planning a Barbados All Inclusive vacation package then for sure you need to know, that camouflage clothing is a total No-NO in Barbados.

Many Caribbean nations, including Barbados, have strict laws against the wearing of any type of camouflage or military style clothing.

Any form of camouflage pattern on pants, camo t shirts, tank tops, hats, bags and even swim wear is just not allowed. If the Customs and Immigration people don’t stop you at point of entry, the police will, as soon as you leave the resort. And that applies to children as well as the grown-ups.

Camouflage clothing is reserved only for the military.

One reason is that thieves used to dress in camo clothing and rob businesses pretending to be soldiers and policemen. And nowadays anyone wearing combat clothing, if he’s not military, then he’s a rebel insurgent.

And don’t think you can get away with it because you are an ignorant tourist. Tourists are not exempt from the law.

So, leave your camo t shirt clothing at home, lighten up by reading this delightful story by Josephine Serieux, Camouflage: A Love Story , and go enjoy your all inclusive Barbados holiday.

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